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By carving throught the clay creating layers of light I am looking for the uinion between both mediums - turned wood and procelain - reflecting nature's diversity.

In style with Islamic gardens, I bring my view of the garden into the house at night. One can enjoy then the subtle glow of warmth through the porcelain lampshade.



All lights are made from Southern Ice Porcelain and fired in oxidation.

Wood turned bases by Sian Thomas





Phone: 02 4782 5440

















Swarm Wall Light 2008

59.5 x 30 cm







                                 Dragon Fly Table Lamp no.9                                          Jenolan Minaret on Purple Heart wooden base

                                                 Height 30 cm                                                                                     Height 52 cm






                                   Distant Views Table Lamp                                                                         Echinacea In Bloom Table Lamp

                                                 Height 51 cm                                                                                                   Height 49 cm

                                                        $ 550                                                                                                                $550







                                                                                               My Garden - Table Lamp







                                                   Dragon Fly Lamp                                                                              Dragon Fly Series No.3

                                                Height 40 cm (sold)                                                                             sold