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All work is from durable stoneware. The work is made in moulds that were created by

Sian Thomas.

The influenced of everyday ceramic pieces remembered from my childhood has been my inspiration and the basis for my designs. I began creating objects that follows the old rule “form follows function”, more than 25 years ago.

Much commercial kitchenware does not necessarily apply to this rule, for example: a 250gram of butter needs to fit in a covered dish without cutting the butter. Garlic sprouts too early if not enclosed without sufficient air.

I enjoy making aesthetically pleasing everyday objects that are a joy to use and display in the kitchen. I live and work in the Blue Mountains where my studio is based.


Butter Dish    Rosette         $50

Mint Glaze

Available in Mint, Yellow, Royal Blue
Fits a standard 250gram Butter and Lupak (Danish).

Glaze Colours

Butter Dish       Diamond Pattern   $50

Available in Mint, Yellow, Royal Blue.
Fits a standard 250gram Butter and Lupak (Danish).

Glaze Colours


Butter Bell       $55 each  


The traditional butter dish.
Available in Mint, Yellow, Royal Blue.
Fits a standard 250gram Butter and Lupak (Danish).




Cow Bell Butter Dish
Available in Mint , Whte, Royal Blue
Firs a standard 250 gram Butter



Honey Jar $55


Honey Jar with water tray for keeping ants away.
With a honey spoon.


Toast Rack $40

Available in Mint, Yellow, Royal Blue.

Glaze Colours

Berry Colanders          $50 


              Mint                                                                                       Royal Blue               

The colander comes with saucer. Size is around 16cm diameter 9cm ht.        
 The colander is wheel thrown by Sian Thomas.

Glaze Colours




Baker's Dozen (Egg Crate)     $50

      w 26.5 cm x d 14 cm        

Glaze Colours




Egg Cups     Set of 2  $20

Egg cups are availble in
Royal blue, Watermelon, MInt, Yellow.  

Glaze Colours

Egg and Soldiers Plate      $40
(Humpty Dumpty)


Egg and soldiers are Hand painted


Gravy Boat           $50

Available in
Watermelon, Royal Blue, MInt, Yellow.
              Ht 9.5cm w 19.5cm                  

Glaze Colours

Milk Jug       $30

Available in
Royal Blue, Mint, Yellow, Watermelon.    

Milk Jug


Pasta Bowl     $25 each

Available in Four Glaze olours
Mint , Yellow, Royal Blue, Watermelon
Ht 6cm Diameter 20cm

Glaze Colour


Set of 3 Mixing bowls       $70


Avaliable in four Glaze colours Mint, Royal Blue, Yellow.       
Diameter Small 10cm Medium 11.5cm Large 14cm           

Milk Jug

Tea Cup         $35

Rosette Pattern Mint

Available in
Mint, Yellow, Royal Blue.  $30



Tea Cup with oval plate       $40

Available in
Yellow, Mint, Royal Blue.    $40

Tea cup oval plate


Espresso Cup        $30

Available in
Mint, Yellow, Watermelon, Royal Blue.      

Glaze Colours


Fermenting Jar with weights









Garlic Pot                   $35


                                               Mint                               Royal Blue                                                      

Garlic pots to keep the garlic away from sunlight.
Ht 12.5cm w 9.5cm

This fits one Garlic Knob. Available in Mint, Royal Blue

Glaze Colours


Large Garlic Pot     $45

This garlic pot fits three Garlic Knobs. available in Mint, Yellow, Watermelon, Royal blue
Ht 21cm  w  9cm

Glaze Colours

Sugar Bowls    Gothic Pattern    $50

      Yellow                                         Mint                                           Royal Blue                               Watermelon

Sugar Bowls are thrown on the wheel and hand craved.  Available in Yellow, Mint, Royal Blue, Watermelon

Ht 12 cm  x 10cm      

glaze colour




Now Available in:


Hawkesbury Regional Gallery
First floor, Deerubbin Center, 300 George Street, Windsor NSW 2756


The Bay Tree
82 Queen Street
Woollahra NSW 2025
T: 02 9328 1101


Pantree Produce
1/2 Badgery Cres, Lawson NSW 2783

Blue Mountains Cultural Centre
35 Park Street.
Katoomba NSW 2780



Phone: 02 4782 5440



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